The Payment Business and Academy

The Voice and Understanding of Payments

Our Mission:
“To get your message out to the market, and provide a network of experts to guide you through the ever-changing payments landscape and wider banking industry.”

Welcome to The Payments Business and Academy

We are a Membership and Networking Forum bringing together many industry participants from the areas of Retail, Wholesale and Corporate Payments, through the use of new technologies, product innovation, and our Academy.

The Academy provides an educational forum to the community through a series of courses written by well-known industry authors and presenters.

The UK Payments Industry is a fragmented environment, despite the regulatory attempts to encourage a “level playing field” through the recent legislative initiatives, such as Open Banking. With newer entrants now having a presence in the industry, and whom all offer strong and well-priced competitive and innovative products and solutions, the industry landscape has become more fractured. We bridge this “fragmentation” by providing much-needed industry detail to our membership by adopting a collaborative and interactive approach to all industry participants through:

  • Assisting stakeholders navigate the changing payments landscape
  • Being a voice for payments
  • A signpost regarding industry solutions for payment participants, and their clients

Our Partners

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Our core products & Services

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Marketing Support

We extend your reach and compliment your current marketing strategy.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

From time to time we all need to add to our resources for short-term projects and research. - use our consultants.

The Academy

Having certified staff is a key component of success. Use our online course curriculum to improve their knowledge.

Platform to Promote – Our Community Forum

Joining our community group with likeminded business peers is a great way to improve your skills and adopt best practises.

UK Presence

Many overseas companies want to do business in the UK and we can provide the resources to be your local office. Let us be your foot in the door to the UK and/or EU.