Consultancy & Advisory Services

‘We want the benefit of some independent thought’

‘We need a wider understanding of the market’

‘We know what we want to do, just not sure what we need to do to get started’

These are some of the issues that companies face where The Payments Business and Academy can assist. We have consultants who have a deep understanding of the payments market in the UK and can help you expand your product portfolio, bring clarity of thought.

Our consultants are specialist flexible resources available for you to tap into, turn on and off as you need it. Talk to us about what you need.

We have a body of ‘Fintech’ consultants who work in accordance with our proven support model. They are supported by specialist ‘network partners’ in the delivery of agreed and identified projects or reports as you require

We have a proven support model that informs a series of interventions, from a simple report or review, through to delivery of a full and extensive project, based on what you need, when you need it, and helping you with the life stages of business growth.