Payments Fundamentals Course


The purpose of payments fundamentals course is to provide you with the principles and keys to understand and study any payment system. It contains 11 modules and students generally need between 12 and 15 hours to complete it. Each module presents and explains key concepts to understand payments and the payments industry.

This online course is for beginners or people who want to strengthen their payment skills and knowledge. There are no prerequisites for this course. It has been designed to help you acquire payments skills easier and faster. 

The course is packed with useful information, students take the lessons at their own pace and progress is measured by results from many quizzes to test your knowledge, The course can be taken individually or in groups and pricing options exist. Contact our Academy Director to discuss your specific requirements and discuss pricing options. The course can even be delivered live in a classroom if there was sufficient interest.

To sign up for this course go to the course details and register for the course.

Course contents:

  • Module 1 – Payments, Payment instruments and payment systems
  • Module 2 – Payment systems models
  • Module 3 – The Four Corner Model 
  • Module 4 – Clearing and settlement Mechanisms
  • Module 5 – Push and Pull payments and related risks
  • Module 6 – Payments messages standards
  • Module 7 – Domestic and International payments
  • Module 8 – Payment processing value chain
  • Module 9 – Regulations and Risks in payments
  • Module 10 – Economic models in payments – CSMs and PSPs
  • Module 11 – Main key players in the payment industry
  • Overall course assessment (40 questions)

The course contains over 150 quiz questions to help you review and master the content. This course is intended for professionals of the payment industry: Business analysts, Architects, Software developers, Functional / Non-functional testers, Treasurers, Project Managers … anyone who begins in the industry or wants to master the foundations.