9 Ways Leaders Can Support Their Team During a Crisis

9 Ways Leaders Can Support Their Team During a Crisis
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Entrepreneur Magazine offered some excellent advice about supporting teams during a crisis.  The main headlines are below.  Read the full article here.

Your team is looking to you to help lead them through this adversity, and even though you definitely have a lot on your mind, you have to find a way to juggle all of your responsibilities while supporting your team. Here are nine ways you can achieve that goal.

  1. Prioritize health and well-being.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  3. Create resource lists for support.
  4. Allow flexible schedules with asynchronous communication.
  5. Be a true leader and not just a boss.
  6. Foster fun and connection.
  7. Acknowledge and reward.
  8. Help your team disconnect from work.
  9. Be kind to yourself and keep help https://bit.ly/3fUeePf
  10. if you need it.

Personally I would add one more: Use technology creatively to improve communication.

John Doyle | Managing Director | The Payments Business Network | Skype: johndoyle531

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