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Hi, I’m John Doyle and I had the original idea for The Payments Business. I was working on a couple of major consulting assignment for banks. I was asked to look at their payment’s strategy and one of the things they were concerned about was ‘Is their current platform Future Proof?’.

I had to some research into what was happening in payments, where the regulators were heading, what the FinTech were up to and what opportunities and innovative products existed in the market for us to consider. It was a nightmare. I almost had to hire another consultant to help me there was so much work to do.

All the information is held in silos, access is difficult because you don’t always know where it is and knowing which supplier can help you is like trying to navigate the spaghetti junction in Birmingham.

So, I gathered a group of like-minded individuals that shared my passion and together we founded and launched The Payments Business.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build a payment member network.

As consultants ourselves we know that researching and getting help on projects is very time-consuming and tedious.  We recognised that providing a member network where we would provide the information, contacts and allow you to promote
your business was of great importance.

There are a lot of silos in the payment world, groups, companies and individuals who hold part of the answer; our aim is to work with them and to provide a single place where you can go and view material and be directed to the right experts to help you.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Chambers


Mike is the former CEO of the systemically important payment systems Bacs and Faster Payments.  We are fortunate that Mike has agreed to be our Chairman and brings a lot of experience to the role.  He guides the setting of the business strategy and chairs all internal an external meetings.  Mike is available for NED roles and consulting assignments in the payment sector,

Eliot Charles Heilpern

Membership Director

Eliot is our Membership Director; in this role he works with our members and partners to make sure they get the most from the network.  Eliot does consulting on Cash Management, Correspondent Banking and The Payments Landscape.  Formerly Eliot held senior positions with banks, the UN and holds a number of NED roles.

John Doyle

Managing director

John has held a number of senior positions with banks, VocaLink, FSS and SWIFT.  His current role is leading the business and managing the day to day affairs of the business as well as producing content.  John is also keen on NED roles and consulting in payment systems and has been involved in a number of payment disputes as an expert witness.

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