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The Payments Business Advisory Service taps into a wealth of Payments Industry knowledge to provide TPB Advisory Services from amongst its founders and TPB Advocates. Our Advocates will not only advise you on what to do but become part of delivering the answer. They can help you to make better informed decisions, reduce costs, build a more effective payments process and develop appropriate payments technology strategies. TPB Advocates can also assist you to understand what challenges, opportunities, innovation and threats exist in the payments landscape.

- John Doyle (Director of Advisory Services)

advisory services

  • Executive and Management briefings
  • Resourcing help to build and manage your teams
  • Annual Conference to discover new ideas, innovations and discuss industry challenges
  • Regular meetups on special topics
  • Regular bulletins about regulatory changes
  • Product and services recommendations and information that keeps you aware of the innovations and developments taking place in the industry especially in the FinTech space that your organization can take advantage of
  • Newsletter and bulletins¬†

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