Daily Update 4th May 2020

The Payments Business website is now live!

We’ve carried out a major revamp of our website and launched it today,  The new website provides all the features and services we planned and offers it in an easy to use manner.

The prime change is that members join The Payments Business Network, and depending on which membership package they choose, they get access to a variety of services:

  • Joining the debate, raising topics, sharing information
  • Access to our Payments Industry insights, including blogs, reports, how to guides and events
  • Promote businesses by adding company details, videos, reports and information

There is a free membership option and we encourage you to take that up or choose the standard and professional levels which offer more features.

If you’d like any further information, please let me know, John Doyle, Managing Director, The Payments Business.

Visit our Payments News Headlines Page for a quick glance at all the payments news publishers

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