Getting your website ready for the end of lockdown


Lockdown and furloughing are coming to an end.  Both tools essential in the fight against the virus.  Time now to get your business in good shape ready to achieve in the market.  There are a number of good articles about getting businesses ready and motivating staff.  Here is one of them that I received over the weekend..

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Hi john,

A little while ago, you requested my free PDF guide: ‘The 5 Reasons Why Most Web Sites Don’t Generate Enough Enquiries & Sales – And How To Fix It’.

But I need to be honest with you and say that a good web site alone is not enough to change your business fortunes.

It’s just one aspect of your online marketing strategy. You also need to have the right people visiting your site, and the right follow-up to convert more sales, and grow the cash in your bank.

And that’s why I’ve just released a brand new 20-minute video training. It explains 4 essential strategies you need to be using in your online marketing if you want to generate more quality enquiries, and sales.

Take a look here

On this free training you’ll learn:

1.  How to transform your web site from a dead-in-the-water, reactive site, into a proactive lead generation asset

2.  How to read the minds of your visitors so liking and trusting you becomes completely natural for prospects

3.  The simple three-step process of creating magnetic offers that serious prospects find impossible to ignore

4.  How I took a dead web site with only a trickle of leads, to over 11,000 enquiries per month, and how to add in automated follow-up systems to increase conversions to sales

Check out the video here, right now:

Best regards, Richard Lomax

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