Would Good Payments Research Help Your Business?

The Payments Business Network provides regular bulletins on what is happening in the regulatory and strategic areas of the payment industry.  


We research what is published by the main regulatory bodies and thought leaders in the industry and provide you with up to date guidance on what is happening in the industry.  We believe that if you are not informed, then you are not equipped to meet the challenges the payment world experiences. 


For example:  

  • Are you aware of the plans for the New Payments Architecture, or even what it is?  
  • Do you know the current landscape for Request to Pay?  
  • Are you aware of the status of Secure Customer Authentication?  
  • Do you know who the key players are in the regulatory and strategic areas of the industry?  
  • Are you clear on the main payment schemes and what they each offer?  

These and many other topics are covered in our briefing papers; delivered to you regularly to your inbox. 


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