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Busy, busy today getting our blogging platform up and running.

This new blogging feature will be available to Standard Membership holders and allow members to post on the website, in our LinkedIn group, our connections, our email list reaching an audience of over 8,000 people for every post.

Standard Membership is £200 per annum, and gives you all the features you need to run a successful blogging campaign. plus the membership of The Payments Business Network.

With our blogging tool you can:

  • Create a newsletter
  • Post about Webinars and other events
  • Share documents, reports and other content
  •  Gather opinion regarding a particular payment topic
  • inform your audience

Sign up for Standard Membership by going here – See posts from other members here.  

Keep blogging!

If you have anything you’d like me to share with the membership of The Payments Business, let me know, John Doyle

Kyriba Webinar Recording Driving Payments Security & Efficiency during Time of Crisis

One of our partners, Kyriba, ran a really successful webinar recently and here is the recording of the webinar from YouTube.

Prepaid and EMI Issued Debit Card Market Overview

Polymath Consulting’s Prepaid and EMI issued debit card market overview can be purchased here. This is a subscription to a report that is updated regularly.

Join The Payments Business Network

This newsletter is produced by The Payments Business Network, it’s a membership organisation and you should join so your opinion is heard by the community.

Payment News Headlines

Visit our Payment News Headlines page for a full round-up of today’s news. Today’s guest headlines are from:

 Which? News

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