How to fix the NHS

I’m a great supporter of the NHS having received excellent care and treatment over the last 4 years.


But, the model the NHS has evolved is broken and needs radical surgery to fix it.

When the NHS was created the aim that Nye Bevin had was to ensure that  everyone that needed treatment received it for free.  That sentiment underpins the NHS even today, but society, culture lifestyles have evolved and that underlying sentiment needs to be looked at with new eyes for the world we live in today.

If I were in charge of the NHS I would do the following:

  • Provide only critical care for free
  • Non-critical care would be provided for at cost plus 10%
  • Provide free prescriptions for anyone on benefits of any kind
  • Charge prescriptions at cost for those not on benefits plus 10%
  • i would tax everyone 5% as an NHS levy and link it to the price index so it rises each year
  • I would merge the NHS and Social Care and provide cradle to grave care for all
  • I would ask non-UK citizens to pay up front for care beyond critical
  • I would abolish all management positions that are not allied to critical care
  • I would outsource non-critical care wherever possible
What would you do?  Share your views in the he comments below and share with us.

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