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How Can Subscribers Use The Network To Engage With The Community

There are three levels of Membership:
➢ Public Member No charge
➢ Professional Member £250 per annum
➢ Partner £2000 per annum

Public Member

A Public Member receives the following services:
• Forum Membership of The Payments Business (TPB)
• Access to our website (
• Member Portal for payments industry information
• Receipt of TPB Newsletter
• Listing in the Payments Directory
• Recruitment App
• View forthcoming events and attend individual events at the required fee
• View listed industry documentation available to members of the public and TPB
literature, but not content

Professional Member

As above for a Public Member plus:
• Access to the full TPB Membership
• Blogging
• Establish your Company groupings, such as: clients, target audience, and other
members and partners, and forums for product discussions and industry initiatives
• Business Member Promotion
• Attendance and contributions to TPB events and webinars, and exhibit at events
• Sponsor a TPB event and/or an individual event session
• Referrals and introductions by TPB to other partners and members regarding business
• Display of your logo and products on TPB “pre-and post” event literature and website
• TPB to run and manage your company webinar (subject to requirements and a separate fee


As above for a Professional Member plus:
• Partner Promotion
• Access to the full TPB Membership
• Receipt and contribute to TPB newsletter
• Speak at a TPB “live” event
• Contribute and present at a TPB webinar
• Sponsor a TPB event and/or an individual event session
• Access to “Thought Leadership” Forums, and Breakfast Business meetings (entry fees
• A full listing in TPB Payments Directory, and ability to establish your own community
and target audience through the Directory and Forum
• Referrals and recommendations to other members and partners on new business
• Invaluable networking opportunities through events, meet-ups, the membership, and
TPB Community
• Contribute to the Forum through articles and “blogs” in the name of your Company;
viewed by the membership, and wider Payments Industry in the UK and overseas
• UK Representation for entities with no presence in the UK
• Private Corporate use of TPB platform for your branded webinars, members and client
groupings and product forums


Partners can also sponsor The Payments Business Network.
Please contact Eliot for details:
Eliot Charles Heilpern, The Payments Business,
T: + 44 (0) 7944 547 707

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