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Organising an Online Event

Let me tell you a story.
When The Payments Business organized its first online event; a Request to Pay Briefing, we contacted all of the leading production companies. We were astounded at the costs being charged and the control they wanted to exercise over the event. Using their speakers, their venues, they wanted a production fee as well as a share of the registrations. It become too complicated and way too expensive. We decided to produce our own event, and we gathered a team together to manage the production. We can do the same for you, at more reasonable prices than the more established companies
wanted to charge.

Types of Online Events

An online event is mostly referred to as a Webinar, but that’s like calling all 4 wheeled vehicles cars, they’re not. Typical Online Events:

• Company Briefings
• Product Briefings
• Presentations
• Roundtable Conversations
• Training
• Thought Leader Briefings

And so on. They are all different and they require different approaches. We can help you with this.

Main steps to Organize an Online Event

The steps to organize an online event are quite simple:

  1. Agree a topic
  2. Agree the event format
  3. Select speakers or panelists
  4. Set up registration
  5. Invite panelists and participants
  6. Produce the event
  7. Edit the event recording
  8. Distribute the recording and event marketing material
  9. Send out thankyou letters
  10. Provide follow-up report to event to client they are

How much does this cost?

The full cost is £5,000. This is a fixed cost and there are no extras. A portion of this cost is used to register you as a Partner.

The client, you, keep all the registration fees if they were charged.

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