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You have registered on the website and completed your profile.

When you login you will see the Member Portal.

The unique aspect of the site is that you engage with the members through the site and you have control over what you do; you do not have to rely on us, you do it yourself.

On the left side there is a menu, we will be going through it.

Things you need to do

The first thing you should do is set up a group and/or join existing groups.

This is the way you will engage with other members.


The Groups are the way members engage with other members to share information, documents and seek help and support.

You can Create a Group or Join a Group

Click on the Groups item in the menu and complete the form(s).  Please provide ALL the information you want to display and the appropriate selections you make to make to create a group that is interesting.

You complete each tab in turn and you will be moved to the next item when you save each item.

Details – The Group title and Introduction

Settings – Group settings

Forum – You can set up a Forum which is a sub part of the group.  For example, UK Payments Regulation for the group and Strong Customer Authentication as the Forum

Docs – Are you loading any documents that will be of interest to the group.  You can also load documents by selecting Documents from the menu and associating them with your group and other groups. 

Photo – A picture to be used as the groups profile image

Media – Is there any media to load, e.g., videos 

Cover Image – is the background image for your group

Invites – Here you can invite members to join your group.  They can also ask to join if they view the Groups item and ask to Join

BuddyMeet – This is awesome.  You can use this at any time to ‘meet’ with members on a one-on-one basis and have private video conversations within the group.

Directory Listing

Depending on your subscription you can list your business in The Payments Directory, a listing of all payment related business.

You can also do this by using the link on the Home Page, but there is a charge for it.


The next thing to do and something you will do regularly is to list events that you and your company are organising.

Click on Events if your subscription allows, please list your event using the form to add a new event.

You can also add events, again selecting the option in the menu and completing the form and its details.


The final set up task is to download the Avoko App to your phone and to register and complete your profile.

There is no charge for using the Recruitment App, but there are Fees to be paid if you post a vacancy.

Industry Information

There is a section in the menu that is entitled ‘Industry Information’.  We display all news, white papers, videos, newsletters, and information about what is happening in the industry.

I want to highlight ‘Submit a Post’. Depending on your subscription level you can use the website as your blogging tool.

It is a partnership; you write the blog on anything to do with yourself and your business.  We then aggregate that post to over 10,000 contacts in our community.

The blogs you create are viewed in ‘Payments Insights’.

The other items are:

TPB News – The Payments Business Online Magazine

Videos – Displays The Payments Business Playlist on YouTube

Newsletters – There are several newsletters which we display on the website.  If you would like your newsletter displayed here, please contact Eliot or myself.

Industry Updates – Automatic feeds from the regulators and other Thought Leaders

Payments insights – Blogs by members

Submit Blog Post – Depending on your subscription level you can create a blog post


There is a lot of information on the website, there are many functions that you can use to promote yourself or your business.

Please let me have your thoughts.

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