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The pandemic, Brexit, and associated pressure on banking in general, together with many
of the initiatives the regulators have imposed on the industry, have all highlighted the need for information.
The Payments Business is a start-up, and this year a lot of time has been spent getting our website The Payments Business ready to support the business. However, with the speed of our development, we are cognizant of the need to manage resources and budgets through a solid and well-structured format and ensure a risk averse methodology. Consequently, we are introducing a “Sponsorship” arrangement, where nominated sponsors will support us in the following areas:
• Single Webinar Sponsor £3,000
• Sponsor all Webinars £36,000
• Sponsor our Recruitment App
• Sponsor the Community £10,000

A Sponsor is an enterprise that influences the direction that The Payments Business will take. They are a key partner and a valued contributor to all aspects of The Payments Business from a strategic, commercial and industry perspective.

As a Sponsor we offer you the following:

  1. A seat on The Payments Business Board and Advisory Team enabling:
    a. Input into the commercial direction of The Payments Business Company,
    b. Regular meetings with our Directors to influence future strategy,
    c. An opportunity to buy shares in The Payments Business.
  2. Publicity, Promotion, and Revenue Share consisting of:
    a. Promote your business, products and services to our membership, and the wider banking
    b. Access to all our members, with your company logo on all relevant business content,
    including a full brand display at our industry events. This will include “pre and post” event
    literature. In addition, your logo and company name to be displayed on our website, and a
    stand and/or booth at one of our own industry events, subject to exhibition fees,
    c. Sponsor a complete event and/or an individual event session in the name of your company
    at one of our events,
    d. Speak at our events, and at external events when The Payments Business is involved. This
    will include introductions to our partners and recommendations by our Directors for your
    organisation to contribute and participate in a partner event, with the partner’s
    e. Members and partners to participate with you in new and on-going business projects,
    allowing for revenue share possibilities.

Other opportunities:

  1. Contribute to our newsletter,
  2. Free access to our Webinars, “Thought Leadership” Forums and Breakfast Business
  3. A full complementary listing in The Payments Business’ “Payments Directory”.

    Should you wish to discuss all Sponsorship opportunities and/or seek further information on The
    Payments Business, please contact Eliot Charles Heilpern
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