An Environment Gone Mad

I have learned in my personal and professional life, given all the current madness in the world which we are witnessing that: “The older I become, the more I learn; but the less I actually understand!”

Today everything is an argument and the other person’s view is provided as “the only correct view”. Such arguments and attitudes lead to unpleasantness, despair and unhappiness. They polarise people, and cause terrible disharmony in families and bitterness in societies.

Why can we not debate and talk to one another in a refined fashion? Debates can be undertaken in a polite, calm, and courteous manner; and although the parties concerned may agree, or “agree to disagree,” the result is generally a cultured and civilised discussion that enables participants to offer their views, and not feel intimidated nor threatened. Such an approach can allow for sincerity, tranquillity, and peace of mind.

Unfortunately in today’s environment that is like: “trying to get blood our of a stone!”

How has human intellect sunk so low? How has human kindness been so universally poisoned? Is it possibly due to some sort of “Law of Attraction” that: “we (really do) attract what we are.” There is no sense of moderation or balance; just a morass of hyperbole, decay and moral turpitude. Society and our leaders have become rotten to the core. They provide meaningless platitudes, filled with vacuous words amounting to: “don’t do as I do, do as I say.” Oh that we could “put these evil perpetrators out of OUR misery!”

The silence of those amongst us whom recognise this social dilemma, is truly deafening! Their inner thoughts burn with frustrations and anger; but they are simply too frightened to speak out and tell the truth. As a result, it would appear that “Truth” is an unobtainable luxury which humanity has totally lost. It is only to be found in those that have the courage, faith and spiritual resilience to sustain what little compassion remains in the world today.

Eliot Charles Heilpern; The Payments Business

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