Microsoft Office Certification Course

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We all use Microsoft products on a daily basis; but how many of really understand the products. Recent estimates say that most of us only utilise about 20% of their functionality and are unaware of the rest. Learning about Pivot tables or how to mail merge, even find and replace, beyond most users but they make life so easy for you.

To help you understand the ‘secrets’, we #paymentsbizuk have launched a new Microsoft course #microsoftoffice365 that is accredited by Microsoft and when completed you’ll be a certified user of #MicrosoftOffice. The complete course takes 20 hours study time.

See details of the course and if you want to know more about the course contact Andy Coleyshaw.

We have special offers for companies that want to provide this course to a number of employees. Contact Eliot Charles Heilpern.

If you have a #paymentsolutions related course that you’d like to include in our curriculum, contact Mattia Parati our Dean.

The Payments Academy is dedicated to #lifelonglearning to improve your #careerjourney prospects.

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