Overloaded Management Structures

I’m a big fan of Ken Bruce on the BBC.  So, I read with interest his views on the management at the BBC as he called for a cull.  Read the full article here.

What was interesting in the article for me was his observation that there seem to be layers and layers of management that don’t really contribute to the core activity of the BBC, producing content.

It struck me that many businesses could also be found guilty of this ‘overloading’.  We seem to have lost sight in some cases of what the business is about.  What the pandemic has shown us is that it’s not only possible to outsource manufacturing but most other activities too.  We’ve seen a rise of concierge providers, HR specialists, accounting, research (The Payments Business) and social media support.

Does this mean that we’ll see more culls across industry?  I don’t know the answer, but here’s some advice.

Everyone in an organisation should be focused on revenue; whether sales, donations or grants.  Revenue should be the focus of the entire team.

Managers should be judged on their revenue contribution.

Executives are just another form of management and they too should be focused on revenue.

Outsource everything you can that is an expenditure but not revenue linked, like HR and Accounting.  Use specialists to complement your own team’s revenue activity.

Everyone should be judged on deliverables.  To often teams fall into the trap of not delivering and instead they focus on organising; which is not revenue related.

I’d be interested in your views on this.  Please contact me, John Doyle with your views.

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