Planning for Coming out of Lockdown and Furlough


Lockdown and furloughing are coming to an end.  Both tools essential in the fight against the virus.  Time now to get your business in good shape ready to achieve in the market.  There are a number of good articles about getting businesses ready and motivating staff.  Here are some of them:

While lockdown is being eased, the worlds of business and work remain far from normal. Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reveal the UK made just 197 cars in April – mostly high-end sports models that required only finishing touches – as the industry redirected its capability towards manufacturing protective equipment for healthcare workers.

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Help your people thrive, during and after the pandemic

Changes to how and where we work don’t necessarily have to end with the coronavirus pandemic, especially if these new practices encourage connection, autonomy and better outcomes, writes Susan Fowler. “Transparency, vulnerability and a focus on safety, health and wellness — these are practices worth keeping because they deepen connection,” she writes.

Smartbrief Leadership is an excellent source of advice to business management on how to lead a team.  Subscribe today.

Kyriba have published an excellent guide to Treasurers coming out of the crisis.  Read it here.

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PSR Vacancies

The PSR are looking for two advisors to sit on their advisory team, one for Smaller Businesses and one for Consumers.  If you feel you can contribute; do.  Their work is vital to our successRead more.

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