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Regulatory Landscape

Participated in defining the terms and references of the combining of the payments schemes that resulted in the creation of the Payment Systems Regulator

Major Institution Payout to millions of customers

Designed and oversaw implementation of new payments system to facilitate an account payout within 7 days notice of up to 20 million customers simultaneously. This also required the orchestration of numerous third parties, on-line ID verification processes utilising API’s.

Build a Payments Business Development Team

A key payment solutions provider needed help with their strategy and training needs to build a strong pipeline. Worked with their existing team to upgrade everyone’s knowledge and capabilities.

Payments Expert Witness

Provided expert testimony in a US legal issue between two banks over delivery of fraudulent payment transactions.

Porting Solutions to New Platforms

Provided assistance to a major technology supplier who needed to port a payment processing solution to a new technology platform. Took the opportunity to add in new features and functionality.

Strategic Guardianship

Steered the UK’s largest payment system through a record number of payment processing, technological, regulatory and innovative customer proposition ‘firsts’.

Systemic Payment System Leadership

Led the UK’s systemically important RTGS payment system (CHAPS), operated the UK’s bulk retail ACH and established the UK’s Near Real Time Payment System Operator (Faster Payment Scheme Limited).

Un-referenced Payments

Major UK Credit Card Company received daily a significant number of unreferenced payments, making it impossible to.apply the funds to clients accounts. A Payments Gateway was introduced to.reject unreferenced funds in real-time and the funds were returned immediately to the payee.

Foreign Exchange and Cross-Border Payments

Advised and guided a major multinational infrastructure and logistics corporation with regards to their foreign exchange (FX) requirements, exposures and international payments to: agents, overseas subsidiaries and local suppliers across the globe.

USD Payments Clearing Services

Promotion, negotiation, and deployment of USD Payments Clearing facilities on behalf of UK based FIs, Foreign Banks and Central Banks in the EMEA region through SWIFT re commercial payments to beneficiaries, via US CHIPS and Fed Wire for beneficiaries with US “Demand Deposit” Accounts held domestically in the US; and for those US Accounts held globally.

Created UK Presence for a Major Payments Processor

Worked closely within the payments eco system in Europe to establish a presence for a major Indian payment processor. This led to the establishment of a UK Office covering Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Payment Systems Review

Key agency bank wanted to review their payment solution to ensure it was cost-effective, resilient and future-proofed. The team conducted a complete review.

Payment Strategy Advisory

Worked with a number of clients who needed input into their strategies for payments. These included payment solution providers, payment users in the corporate space and regulators.

Fintech Payments Advisory

Advised several Fintech companies on the payments landscape and the opportunities and challenge for their products and services/

Payment Gateway Design

A Bacs solution provider wanted to extend their solutions base to offer access to all payment schemes. Managed the design and development of a new radical payments gateway.

Market Initiatives

Extended ACH’s product offering to include the ownership, management and market adoption of new services, including the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) and the Cash ISA Transfer Service.

UK Payments Strategy

Integral part of the industry initiative which led to the New Payments Architecture (NPA) vision (including concepts such as Request To Pay and Conformation of Payee), the regulatory endorsed merger of the UK’s retail payment schemes and the formation of the New Payment System Operator (NPSO).

Education Grant and Fraud Reduction

Education Grant and Fraud Reduction Designed real time payment system to identify students and verify authorised education grants, making payment to correct academic institutions. This solution eradicated fraud during student enrolment, saving the government agency millions of dollars.

EURO Currency Initiatives

Deployed Euro Clearing services out of London for UK based clients (i.e. corporates, banks and FIs) re their cross-border (wholesale) payments via SWIFT, into the local RTGS payments systems, to credit beneficiaries’ accounts held locally at nominated beneficiary banks. This activity also included repetitive-type payments in the form of cross-border salaries, pensions, royalties and dividends to benficicaries’ accounts held at overseas local ACH’s.


Provision of advice and guidance to senior executives on ethics and an ethical code of conduct towards client relationships in the financial services sector.

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