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We’re really happy to promote  our friends over at Polymath.  They do a lot of research and their latest offering is a subscription to their

Prepaid and EMI Issued Debit Card Market Overview

This report is a subscription based report that is regularly updated and provides insights into the pre-paid market, who the key players are, the fees and services offered.  It is essential reading for anyone involved in or contemplating being involved in pre-paid cards.

Pre-paid cards are providing an invaluable service to people who need help to control spending but increasingly they are being used by companies and corporate institutions who want to provide funds in a a controllable manner.  The report contains details of all consumer loaded card data.

but also as the next report is out July 1 give them an exclusive offer, buy this one they get the July 1 update FOC – if you want.

The Payments Business Network is offering a subscription to The Polymath Pre-paid and EMI Report.  The report is updated regularly and contains up to date data on all pre-paid card issuers, their fees and services.  It’s a vital tool of marketing intelligence in today’s fast changing environment.

Included with the subscription is the first year professional membership of The Payments Business Network.

    The next report is due out on July 1st, subscribe now and get it for free.

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