Suggestions for Blogs

What topics you can blog about?

When people decide to blog they mostly get a mental block about what to blog about.  Here are 10 suggestions that you can use to prompt you to blog.

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10 suggestions for blogs:

  1. A significant achievement you have reached or your company has reached
  2. A story about something that helped shape you as an individual
  3. A summary of an event you attended recently
  4. Someone you have met recently that impressed you
  5. How current life is affecting you and your business
  6. Suggestions for training courses to follow
  7. Talk about your thoughts on the industry and where it is going
  8. Explain what your plans personally and for the business are for the next year
  9. Start a newsletter and tell people about it
  10. Write about what excites you or annoys you most today

Happy blogging!

John Doyle
Managing Director
The Payments Business

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