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Today’s Payment Insights I’m an avid listener of Radio 5 Live, especially from about 7am through to 1pm where they tend to deal with
Preview(opens in a new tab) Today’s Payment Insights The growth of online meetings has exploded.  Is this a good thing?  I think it is, in
Our friends at Consumer Intelligence are holding a Webinar on Thursday 14th May at 11 am.   How consumer’s international spending behaviours are likely
Glad to see that the lockdown is finally coming to an end.  The PM’s message was clear, use common sense to open up again. 
Over the weekend we heard from Boris who outlined at a very high level his plan for exiting the lockdown.  He stressed (and it’s
So lock-down comes to an end.  It’s good news and hope that the Prime Ministers announcement on Sunday will be the start of a
Use the the new website! The Payments Business Network is now up and running and as a subscriber to this newsletter you are almost
The speculation that companies may be allowed to furlough staff for shorter periods, like 2 days a week is good news and look forward
The Payments Business website is now live! We’ve carried out a major revamp of our website and launched it today,  The new website provides

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