The Next Decade in Banking

For banks, the future is already here. In a rapidly changing world, in which the old ways of doing business are no longer tenable, forward-thinking lenders are developing new offerings and adapting existing services to maintain their competitive edge.

The Banker Masterclass is sponsored by Societe Generale but independently edited.

In discussion:

  • The correspondent banking landscape: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the contemporary correspondent banking landscape.
  • Rethinking correspondent banking: The future of correspondent banking and the ways in which banks and new entrants are rethinking the traditional business model.
  • Green trade finance: The development of green trade finance, including efforts to develop globally recognised standards and meet surging customer demand.
  • Supply chain finance: The outlook for supply chain finance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the steps banks are taking to better serve their clients in a changing world.

In conversation with:

  • James King, Europe editor, The Banker
  • Jean-François Mazure, head of cash clearing & correspondent banking, Societe Generale
  • Marie-Laure Gastellu, global head of trade finance & services, Societe Generale

Watch the Videos: The Banker – Bank’s Next Decade

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