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The growth of online meetings has exploded.  Is this a good thing?  I think it is, in the past we spent a lot of time travelling to meetings and conferences which can be better delivered online.  Of course, we still need to meet up, but it should be for specific purposes and not just the norm.
Glad to see that people have gotten over the fuss about lifting the lockdown and are using common sense.  The rues of the easing are quite simple, go to work if it is safe and you can, stay at home and either furlough or work from home.  Don’t meet up with people unnecessarily and do everything you can to stop the virus spreading.  It’s not just that you can catch it; it’s also that you can spread it.  Be safe, be sensible, stay alive.
John Doyle., Managing Director, The Payments Business

Payments Industry Updates


Our friends at Consumer Intelligence are running a very interesting Webinar, this Thursday at 11am, entitled

How consumer’s international spending behaviours are likely to change post Covid-19

In just a few short weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it. As social constructs disintegrate in the wake of tremendous and unrelenting change, we are witnessing some of the fastest moving consumer behaviour trends seen in a generation.

To arm our clients with knowledge and information that will drive confident decisions and decisive action at this difficult time, we are launching a webinar based on our newly released International Spending Report.

For registration, please go to: Consumer Intelligence Webinar Registration.


Pay.UK’s long awaited framework for Request to Pay (RT) has been delayed. 

Read the full statement here.

It’s disappointing but understandable as the industry was waiting for a steer on how RTP was going.  Were we going to have a central repository or let each financial institution do their own thing?  These are the questions,; sadly we don’t have the answers.
Our Chairman, Mike Chambers has written an excellent piece on ‘Unleashing the Power of Open Banking’.  Read it here.

Latest Payment Headlines

View all these on our on our website; today’s guest contributor is the UK Authority, a body representing all local authorities.

UK Authority

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