The Payments Business is growing……

To all friends, colleagues, and members of The Payments Business.

As Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships at The Payment Business, given we have now been actively operating since our launch in January 2020, I am delighted to inform you that in this short space of time, we now have: 100 members, whom have joined our Network, and over 400 members on our LinkedIn Group; between my colleagues, we have over 5,000 LinkedIn connections, and more than 15,000 contacts on our mailing lists. This is a real development, given the current challenges, and something of which we are very proud. Our efforts now are to grow our membership further to 2,500 by the end of 2020, and introduce a series of “Thought  Leadership” events once “lockdown” is over; and to which we look forward to welcoming you.

Remember: The Payments Business is your professional network that offers members an information repository, a forum for debate, and a directory to promote your business. Our approach is all-encompassing and widespread. We cover the key aspects of the industry including: new initiatives, regulatory needs, innovative products, solutions, and services, risk, and payment infrastructures; all within the Retail and Corporate Banking sector. Our community is split into members who participate in our Forum, and raise topics and debate issues; and partners with whom we work closely, in order to promote themselves, and their services.

We look forward to working with you and growing with you, so please; join the Forum, and join the debate!

Eliot Charles Heilpern
Director of Partnerships and Co-Founder
The Payments Business
07944 547 707 –

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