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News from The Payments Business 15/6/2020

Lots happening amongst our partners and members, some of the highlights are below.

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Webinars to join

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Vendorcom Training

Our friends over at Vendorcom have announced a series of 5 training sessions. 

1. Behind the Scenes: Card Transactions (16th June)
Credit and debit cards are the most prominent payment method for the vast majority of merchants – but do you truly understand the complex processes and fee structures behind card transactions? 

2. Behind the Scenes: Cash Payments (23rd June)
For many countries across Europe, cash payments have been declining for years. However, it remains a crucial and costly part of the modern payments mix – and it’s important to understand just how it’s processed behind the scenes. 

3. Regulation: The Challenges, the Opportunities, and the Benefits (30th June)
In the payments industry, regulation is key – and it influences everything wihtin the system, including fees, innovation, competition and customer experience. A fundamental understanding of the regulations impacting your business is crucial to understanding the payments industry as a whole, and defining a future-proof payments strategy. 

4. Digital Payments: What They Mean for Merchants (7th July)
Digital channels are teh future of commerce, and payments are no exception. Across Europe, we are consistently seeing new paymen methods emerge – each with their own set of complexities, benefits and costs. But which ones are going to emerge as the future of payments? 

5. The Changing Payments Landscape (14th July)
The payments landscape has been changing rapidly for several years. Consumer habits are evolving, new payment methods are emerging, and supplier offering and relationships are developing. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing store closures, reduced contact and increased online spending, many of these changes have been accelerated to an unprecedented rate. 

More information here. 

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Prepaid and EMI Issued Debit Card Market Overview


Polymath Consulting’s Prepaid and EMI issued debit card market overview can be purchased here. This is a subscription to a report that is updated regularly.

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