The Trust Factor

In a previous blog, about business relationships, Eliot spoke about client relationships and the building of “trust”. He referred to trust as being something that takes time to build in any business relationship, and it has to be earned. But it can be lost in minutes! So, the question is: how do we maintain absolute trust, in order to ensure that the relationship stays strong and continues?  Eliot says:

My personal experience has led me to an approach, which I will simply call “The Trust Factor” and it is this:

  • The Trust Factor consists of: credibility + reliability + integrity with a customer, which together will lead to a “professional intimacy” with that same customer. If one (as the seller of the service) self-orientates oneself to accept the behavioural vicissitudes of the customer – good, bad, and/or anything in between, one can maximise the aforementioned “ingredients” to attain real trust in the relationship.
  • What does this show us?
  • It shows us that it is people that make the relationship and not simply the business activity, the need for the service, and the price of the product. Why? Because without an individual’s positive and personal contribution, creative input, and attention to detail, there is no relationship; none at all!

The Payments Business adopts this very approach with our members and partners, and we encourage and assist all participants in the UK Payments Industry and further afield, to embrace this mindset and act accordingly.

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