TPB Team Links

This page is for the TPB Team and it contains links to additional pages and content that you may need to access. This page SHOULD NOT be divulged to anyone outside the company because in order for this to work properly you have been given Admin rights, which you must not use other than for the purposes below.

Website Pages List

Add a New Partner

When you sign up a new partner or want to enter the details of an existing partner, use this page to enter their details.

Submit Posts

When you or someone else wants to submit posts from an external source, use this page. Before posts are published they have to be approved by Admin.

Set up a new FREE User

Set up a new user – You use this link to set up a new user manually.
You enter the details of the user but you MUST ONLY select the free option in the ROLE field.

The Community Hub

The Forum is not being removed, but is changing so don’t use it.
We’re creating a new hub more like BuddyPress as a ‘Community Hub.

Internal Emails

There is now a facility to be able to send emails to the members on The Community Hub using a new link in the backend.
As always be careful.
An email can be sent to a number of different people depending on the topic. So you can send internal mails to partners for example.
We only grow if our community grows so we want them to engage on the site.