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Hope you had a good weekend even though it was dominated by Dominic Cummings.

When you take away the political bias and emotion from the issues the facts are quite clear.  Cummings thought that he could deviate from the advice his ‘company’ was giving.  More than that he did not explain to his boss the circumstances and that he would be absent.  He undertook a journey where, thank God he did not, but could have had an accident and put others at risk.  Finally, when confronted by the press instead of co-operating with them he tried to be obstructive.

Even in the interview he was evasive as it has emerged that he did have family in London close to his home.

Now, putting my corporate hat on I would say that was a gross misconduct offence, and for that he should be reprimanded at least or at worst, asked to leave his position.

What compounds it is that he is a person whose judgement is particularly important in this crisis and he failed on several factual accounts to exercise good judgement.  His actions have also damaged the company brand and culture and customers have lost faith in the ability of the company and his boss’s ability to deliver good products and services.

For these reasons he needs to go.  Sadly, the fact that the PM has failed to act decisively has cast a shadow over his abilities to lead.  As they say it is time for closure.  This needs to end now so that everyone can carry on with fighting the crisis.

These are my views and not the views of The Payments Business.

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