The Payments Business is pleased to announce that we have recently entered into a joint partnership with The Serrala Group GmbH The Serrala Group GmbH to introduce them to the UK market.

The Payments Business is pleased to announce we are working with Serrala, a global B2B financial automation software company. They assist customers build the most secure global end-to-end payment systems; thereby supporting over 3,500 customers, including 25% of the Fortune 100 and 50% DAX companies, with intelligent automation technologies and services.

Their unique portfolio includes SAP-embedded and cloud-based multi-ERP solutions, enabling the complete automation of inbound and outbound payment processes, as well as the management of data and documents. Serrala is a long-standing and trusted solution provider for clients of all sizes and from all industries across the globe.

Cash management forecasting, payments, credit and risk management, data and document management are just some of Serrala’s key product offerings to the market. Their features and benefits include: the rationalisation of a client’s internal systems, reducing the volume of data, providing greater transparency, standardisation, and communication between internal departments, and the provision of greater harmonisation across a commercial and/or financial institution’s Shared Service Centres, and global subsidiaries.

As part of this partnership, both organisations have initiated a joint financial survey on the UK Banking and Payments sector, and we welcome your input and contribution to the questions raised in this survey.

For further detail and access to the survey, please view the following link:

For any questions on this partnership or if we can help you to increase your presence in the UK payment space, please contact: Eliot Heilpern, Director

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