What did you learn in the pandemic daddy?

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There have been a lot of posts about what people have learnt during lockdown and it is interesting to see such diverse views, but overall, people have analysed themselves and their businesses and we look forward to seeing positive outcomes.

I have also reflected in the same way, but this morning, I realised that I have also learnt some extremely basic things about myself, which have surprised me.

Routine is particularly important, and I now have 12 alarms on my phone to alert me to do activities which need to be done every day.  The alarms drive my wife up the wall, but I discovered I function better when I have a regular schedule to follow.

Contact is surprisingly key to my persona.  I need to talk to people every day and just engage to make sure my brain is functioning and I’m not going stir crazy from isolation.  Poor @eliotheilpernheilpern, my partner in crime, is the brunt of my contact needs and I am sure we drive each other up the wall but a good exchange is particularly important.

I learnt that it is easier to put your trousers on when getting dressed after you have put your socks on.  My legs just glide into my trousers with no tangles. 

I value the comfort I get from talking to my family and as I have more time now that I am not rushing around from meeting to meeting, I have started to remember anniversaries and to support them in their hour of need.  I also learnt that keeping secrets is synonymous with trust.  My brother Jeff Doyle and my sisters are important to me.  We started a WhatsApp group and share memories and you realise how valuable they are to your wellbeing.

Surprisingly, I found that online meetings are more useful and suit me better than face to face meetings.  They allow you to really connect with the person you are talking to with no distraction, and I try to balance the two as they both have their place.

Finally. I have learnt that key lesson from Tsung Zu’s  “In the Art of War”; ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer,’ and also well known in the Armed Forces that you should ‘lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!’.

What real lessons have you learnt that have changed your life?

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