A presentation on: “The Unintended Consequences of Technology” (The Army and Navy Club London SW1; 11th May 6.00pm)


“The Unintended Consequences of Technology”
Wednesday 11th May at 18.30 | £10.00 per person

While we have seen unparalleled innovation in the 21st century, we have also witnessed the damaging unintended consequences of technology. The very word “unintended” suggests consequences that we simply cannot envisage, hard as we may try. Our natural limit in predicting the future implies there may not be much we can practically do in advance. Are these unintended consequences inevitable, are they a necessary cost of human progress, or, can we anticipate and mitigate them?

On May 11th Eliot Heilpern, Partnership Director of The Payments Business and Academy (www.thepaymentsbusiness.com), a Banking and Network Membership Forum, will share his personal take on this topic at:

The Army and Navy Club (https://therag.co.uk)
36-39 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5JN
020 7930 9721
Arrival 6.00 pm for a start at: 6.30 pm

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Eliot will cover both the positive and negative sides of the rapid growth of sophisticated technology, touching upon ways to preserve and maintain the strong positive impact it has, as well as highlighting the need for “responsible technology;” that is one that offers features and benefits that provide collective assistance and value to all society.

Eliot’s experience in International Banking, Cash Management, Risk, Global Markets, Regulatory matters both in the UK and overseas, and his former CEO role in the “Not-for-Profit” sector, has given him the opportunity to question and raise issues that society now faces; largely due to technological advancements across our commercial and social environment.

This thought-provoking topic has very wide implications; and not just for the banking industry. Eliot is profoundly concerned that the ever-relentless march of technology is producing a ‘distance’ between those that make the decisions and the ‘customers’ with regards to the development of ever-more sophisticated technology.

The ‘interests’ of the end consumer is often ignored. A ‘duty of care’ can be lost. The 2008 banking crash was one example where too few at the top thought about ‘risk’ and damage to their customers and employees.

This presentation offers an insightful opportunity to challenge and determine if such consequences can be prevented, and whether the technical innovators should be held accountable and responsible; as well as learn how together we can deploy Best Business Practise, in order to utilise these consequences to one’s advantage.

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Eliot C. Heilpern Partnership Director
+44 7944 547 707
The Payments Business and Academy

The Payments Business and Academy in conjunction with the Army and Navy Club, and support from Transformation-Leaders.Com (www.transformation-leaders.com) look forward to seeing you at this event, and giving you a warm welcome.

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